Bad Bunny did his best Tom Hanks in Castaway impression for the “Ni Bien Ni Mal” video—only instead of befriending a volleyball, he ends up on a magical island with gorgeous girls and pink bunnies. Unfortunately, that last detail became a source of contention for lots of fans. Shortly after the video dropped, animal rights activists and organizations called Benito out for the dyes found on the rabbits’ fur.

However, Jessy Terrero, the director of “Ni Bien Ni Mal,” spoke out in a statement this week and insisted that the bunnies weren’t harmed during the shoot. He explained that colored rabbits were his idea, not Bad Bunny’s, and that the film team had professional animal handlers on staff who used safe, non-toxic dyes.

“The person responsible, who worked for one of the biggest media companies in Mexico for 18 years before moving to the Dominican Republic, is a medical veterinarian, a zoo technician, and a professional groomer. The bunnies were under the care and supervision of this professional and his team throughout the shoot. The dye used to change the color of their fur is a special product specifically for animals, since it is non-toxic and does not contain ammonium or peroxide,” he wrote.

Benito also wasn’t feeling the criticism. He wrote in a comment directed to a fan that he had thought about taking the video down, but felt people were treating him badly, judging him, “and talking shit” without knowing the full story. “You’re all cancelled,” he declared.

Instagram screenshot

Instagram screenshot

Do you think people overreacted a little?