In an IGTV video posted on Thursday night, Bad Bunny explained to his followers that he had to go back to Spain to finish his last 4 contractually-obligated shows before getting back to the anti-Ricardo Rosselló protests he originally paused his time in Spain to attend. In the 3-minute clip, Benito told his followers about how the world is watching Puerto Rico, and how the island’s energy serves as a beacon for the rest of the world.

He also committed to putting recording sessions for his next album on hold to continue the fight against Puerto Rico’s immensely-hated governor. “I had planned on my agenda after finishing these last 4 shows, going back to Miami to record my new album,” he began. “But I’m going to cancel that. I’m going to cancel everything. I’m going to put a pause on my career because I don’t have the heart or the mind to make music. I’m going to Puerto Rico,” he continued. I’m not going to stay silent. I’m not going to step aside, Puerto Rico isn’t going to step aside,” he added.

Watch the full clip here.