Bad Bunny Responds to Sexual Assault Allegations Against Employee & Friend

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In Puerto Rico, a #NiUnaMas tagged wave of allegations against men—from pedophilia, sexual abuse, assault and other nasty infractions—hit socials, namely Twitter. Two owners of a luxury yacht company targeting underage girls, University of Puerto Rico professors, party promoters, and more are on the list of call outs stemming from stories told by survivors.

On Sunday, added to the record was an associate of Bad Bunny: Jesús Hernandéz, aka Chu or Chucheto. He’s on some Bad Bunny songs and is seen in videos, too. The woman alleging what equates to rape (she does not use this word specifically) says Hernandéz is part of Bad Bunny’s crew.

For protection measures, her identity has not been revealed by @_aishajoan, or Dama Vulgar, who’s led the charge in helping tell women’s stories on Twitter. Another woman, after seeing the post, spoke up to tell her own story: At a video shoot, she alleges Hernandéz made her uncomfortable, making comments like, “What I’d do with a girlfriend like you.” And then another woman added to the allegations: When she was in eighth or ninth grade (she’s 22 now) under Hernandéz’s tutelage—he was then a teacher at a prestigious private school in Puerto Rico—she alleges she endured multiple occasions of his unwelcome touching of her back and rear.

Today, Bad Bunny has released a statement presumed to be regarding Hernandéz. Because it was written in Spanish, we’ve provided an English version below for those who aren’t fluent in the former language.

“The first I’ll say is, keep exposing everyone without fear, never stay quiet if you feel you need to speak. I admire the courage and strength because I understand it’s not easy, and believe me when I say that I understand you all it’s because I understand you. It struck me strongly to see my name going around, although I know the intention was for me to find out, but sooner or later I would have found out and of course I would take action. In my personal life and work team there is no room for this type of behavior, and what needs to be done will be done. Meanwhile others [Remezcla note: This may be referring to other people associated with Bad Bunny who might be accused of sexual misconduct.] I’ve distanced myself from them a while ago and for other reasons. Still it hurts to know all of this. It’s not easy to find out on tw [sic] that people who have been close to you do these types of things, things that I try to fight against or at least in my small way, despite the stereotype of the genre of music that [I perform].

The decisions and actions of each person are individual and me, for my part, I live peacefully because I know who I am and it makes me very ashamed and uncomfortable to see my name associated with these issues, it’s not fair, my [involvement] is very, very far from all of this.

These are delicate issues, and you have to be responsible when the time comes to make an accusation. They have to be made! Of course they do! Firmly, but with a lot and I mean a lot of care to never involve third parties that have not even a remote idea that something happened. A big hug to those who want to receive it, and much strength to each of the victims who daily suffer these atrocities and more. I’m here for you always.”

Dama Vulgar responded with thanks, but noted that the accusation was never directed his way, and the intention was always to get his attention so he could take action.

Hernandéz has not acknowledged the allegations publicly as of this time. Remezcla has reached out for comment via socials but has yet to receive a response.