Bad Bunny Sings In Japanese In New Song ‘Yonaguni’

Lead Photo: Photo by STILLZ. Courtesy of the Artist.
Photo by STILLZ. Courtesy of the Artist.
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We’re living in Bad Bunny’s imperial period, no doubt; every time he drops new music it’s a given to cause a commotion. But even so, “Yonaguni” is making waves among fans for a very specific reason: it reveals Conejo Malo as a perfect fit for an anime.

“Yonaguni” deals with missing a lover and wanting her back. In the chorus, Benito gets melancholic when he drinks and desperately wants her back even if she has moved on. The song proves that Benito remains the master of the sad perreo—this time produced by Tainy along with FinesseGBT and Smash David–using a dembow beat along with atmospheric and contemplative keyboards. Benito’s delivers the words in his signature style, dropping melancholic lyrics along with clever and witty lines. The part that most people are freaking out about is the outro where he sings in Japanese; it’s reflected on the video when the whole thing turns into the closing credits of an anime starring Conejo Malo, complementing the sad vibes of the song.

Speaking of the video, it was directed by Stillz and produced by WEOWNTHECITY. The visual takes on a fictionalized day in the life of Benito as he walks dogs, practices martial arts, takes a painting class, does yoga, gets tattooed, and goes to a party, among other activities. It’s a great representation of the song and pairs nicely with the lyrics, sometimes in very specific moments.

The second single released by Benito in 2021, “Yonaguni” was teased back in late May when he promoted “100 MILLONES” on Apple Music’s Zane Lowe program, as reported by Pitchfork.

If you’re curious about what Benito is singing in Japanese, a Genius contributor translated the outro. You can read it here.