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Pide Piso” is the name of Bajofondo‘s upcoming album’s fourth track, and its first single, available now. The title refers to the action of claiming one’s place on the dance floor and it’s an accurate one since the track, with its contagious uptempo beat, follows the line of their most dance floor-igniting tracks like “Pa’ Bailar.”

The main ingredients of Bajofondo’s successful formula are still the same: tango and electronic beats. But for their third official album, the Argentine-Uruguayan collective led by Oscar-winning ├╝ber-producer Gustavo Santaolalla anticipates that there will be a lot more orchestral arrangements and no major guest-stars doing vocals (presumably because having so many guests makes things way more complicated when it comes to reproducing the tracks live on tour).

So far “Pide Piso” is the only track we’ve been able to review of the 21 that will be included in Presente, set to drop on March 5th through Sony Masterworks. After the recent success of Bajofondo’s Campo with his impeccable solo debut, and the ever-growing demand for Santaolalla as a Hollywood movie soundtrack producer, it’s understandable why there’s a lot more expectation than ever on Bajofondo’s new opus. While we patiently wait for the release date, here at Remezcla we’re getting our dance shoes ready for some serious milonga. And good news is, when the album finally does drop five lucky Remezcla readers will receive a copy of the album. Listen to the track and enter to win below: