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Not for nothing but if I could sum up my 25 years of music experience till now, it would sound like a tedious replay of the same almost dispirited song that we commonly hear overplayed in the mainstream media. I say spiritless because compared to the innovative heavy electric, chill out, trip hip hop music of Bajofondo, how could anything else not sound well, flat.

Of course with seven widely creative band members that each contributes artistic originality into a common force, this group’s end product could never be less than amazing. Bajofondo, by the way, began as an experimental studio project put together by Uruguayan composer/producer Juan Campodónico and Argentinean composer and producer Gustavo Santaolalla-whose musical talents in Brokeback Mountain, and Babel, have won him numerous recognition including two Oscars for Best Original Score and received nominations for Motorcycle Diaries and Amores Perros.

What does Bajofondo mean anyway? It could literally be translated to low-deep and their music’s melancholic passion confirms Santaolalla’s description of Bajofondo as “celebrando con musica triste” (celebrating with sad music). Far from depressing, Bajofondo literally rocked the house at Bimbo’s Club in North Beach on April 19th! And I’ve never seen anyone work the accordion like Martin Ferres or the violin like Javier Casalla!

The repertoire, fierce. As all members take command of their instrumental role, they created an awe-inspiring experience for the audience. Luciano Supervielle on piano, scratching on the turntables as well, Gabriel Casacuberta on bass and Adrian Sosa on drums bring out their distinct 70’s rock beat and subtle 90’s hip hop background.

Verónica Loza adds the finishing touch to live performances. As video jockey she creates music for the eyes. The show comes to an end with the audience joining the party in dance on stage, now a trademark of Bajofondo shows, which quickly fills up with eager fans, making security personnel nervous and another not so trademark move by Santaolalla, squeezing like 2 liters of sweat from his drenched shirt onto the stage. Yeah gross, but cool in that rock star way. He finally gets his turn to shine in front of an audience, and revels in this.

The beauty of Bajofondo stems from the fact that they seemingly never intended to become a “band,” but did so in the process of creating their first album Bajofondo Tango Club [2003] to their newest album, 2008’s Mar Dulce which translated into performing live.

This was by far one of the best live performances I’ve seen and Mar Dulce promises to rock your squeezebox with songs like Pa’Bailar featuring Ryota Komatsu, El Anden featuring Remezcla fav Mala Rodriguez, Hoy with Juan Subira and Ya No Duele with Fernando Santulo. Elvis Costello and Nelly Furtado also make appearances on the album. Bajofondo has created an intensely unique experience for even the most mainstream listener like myself.