Video: Balún performs "Camila" for kids

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I wish I were a kid (and high) so I could witness this with the same eyes. Puerto Rican soundscape artists Balún recently performed at New York’s Museo del Barrio uptown for an interactive children’s concert. The video below shows the band playing one of their recent tracks “Camila,” with Julio César Morales from the experimental puppet theater company Y No Había Luz. The result is so sweet to watch, as a theatre filled with kids of all ages and adults get to experience the equal-parts headiness and naivety of Balún’s sound. Singer Angélica Negrón’s voice is like a little forest creature, which lends a surreal quality to the performance. These kids will now all grow up to make lush, ambient music accompanied by puppet masters. A niche genre, sure, but in the future, anything’s possible.

Watch Balún perform “Camila” for babies at Museo del Barrio’s El Teatro in NYC below, shot beautifully by Armando Croda.