Video: Bam Bam – "Extraña Coincidencia"

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Well, now we know what Bam Bam likes to do in their free time. Slumber parties have always been a favorite activity among the youth. But trip-inducing music videos with even trippier spirally effects is a whole other pastime. The music for this one appropriately matches the mind expanding, quasi-religious transcendental experience of taking LSD. The distorted perception of depth, time, space, and shapes–including people–is a notable effect of the semi-synthetic lysergic substance.

Whether it comes from blotter papers, microdots, capsules, or gelatin sheets, be careful with your vices, boys and girls. I’m all about illicit and indiscriminate abuse or moderate and leisure use of drugs, but this ecstasy provoking, sense stimulating hallucinogen can sometimes cause nausea and vomiting, especially if you are spinning around in circles and warping your body into impossible stretchy, blender goop. If you notice rapid heart palpitations or convulsions from watching “Extraña Coincidencia,” make sure to call the paramedics. Just remember, side effects or possible long-term drawbacks to over exposure to LSD, Bam Bam, or their last album, Futura Vía, may include temporary flashbacks to your whirling experience.

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Download Bam Bam’s Futura Vía below: