Listen: Bam Bam's New Album "Futura Vía"

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After floating through the stratosphere and landing back in your chair, you might wonder what just happened to you. Let’s call this strange case of the X-Files a wrap. The official documents state, much to your dismay, you were absolutely not abducted by aliens. But close call. You were simply caught in a catatonic trance by Bam Bam’s new album Futura Vía. After the release of their sci-fi single, “Ragatrón,” you’ll probably be scratching your head, astonished by una “extraña coincidencia.” Futura Vía was exquisitely produced by the legendary Swiss-Mexican Martin Thulin (of Los Fancy Free), but won’t be in stores until March 29th (via Arts & Crafts Mexico). Don’t fret, you can now listen to Bam Bam’s new album courtesy of our friends at Reactor.

Stream Bam Bam’s Futura Vía in its entirety at Reactor a week before it comes out and watch the official video for their single “Ragatrón” below.