Free Download: Bam Bam's "Ragatron"

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Snag “Ragatrón,” the first single released by Mexico’s Bam Bam from their anticipated sophomore album Futura Vía, out March 20th via Arts & Crafts Mexico. This comical band finds inspiration for their followup in the extraterrestrial. In co-production with Martin Thulin (of Los Fancy Free), Futura Vía promises to be a fluid vibration based on a sci-fi novel of their own invention. Their intergalactic, psychedelic pop-rock blasts through time and space in this cosmic single, with Modest Mouse guitar wind-ups and less operatic, but more choral Styx style, “Come Sail Away” lyrics.

Make contact and download the spacey track, “Ragatrón” by Bam Bam, from their forthcoming second album Futura Vía.