Free Track: Banda de Turistas' "Amigo"

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We all need some lovin’, and a friend who’s more than that. Hmm, and maybe an occasional enemy to make life more interesting. Hey, why not? Argentina’s retro-rock quintet Banda de Turistas claim they’re both equally necessary. Or at least this is what this chick got out of it. “Amigos,” their latest single off their recent release Ya, keeps it pretty real; straight up, like some whiskey on the rocks. It’s a promising single, and it stays true to their signature sound of industrial rock en tu idioma. With simple electric rock ‘n roll riffs, distorted power chords, and mid-tempo percussion, this song falls somewhere between grungy and soft core punk, making it suitable for the post punk loving kid to the nostalgic grunge lover. Garnering several Latin Grammy nominations for their previous Magical Radiophonic Heart, Ya (available on