Video: Banda UÓ – Faz UÓ

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Sometimes music is a very perplexing avenue of art and culture to dissect. More often than not bands and music videos follow strict norms — a manual of success if you will — that postulates a concise formulaic approach to production, content, and audience engagement. But, Banda UÓ is one of the rare gems that defies all categorizations, however inadequate the cliché may seem. From their notorious brega bootlegs and covers, abashed kitch and open legs, I mean minds, they’ve marked themselves as a party band with a frivolous and fun mindset that doesn’t pretend to be anything other than a clear representation of themselves. Davi Sabbag, Mateus Carriho and CandyMell are an out-and-proud three piece knock off of Christina Aguilera singing with Justin Timberlake and Nick Carter. According to Carriho, video director and band member, he explains the band represents “a lifestyle and behavior where the idea is the freedom to do what one wants.” Banda UÓ exclaims, “Be free, be UÓ.” The single “Faz UÓ” launches in promotion of their first full length album, Motel.

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