Juan Data on Bang Data's newest video, "Bang Data"

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It’s a little confusing at first, so please bear with me. The band is called Bang Data and this is the video for their song, “Bang Data.” To make matters even worse, the dude writing this post is named Juan Data (no relation). Are you still standing upright?

OK. So if you are from the Bay Area you must already know these guys, they’re like everywhere, they opened for every major Latin act that played here. For everybody else, Bang Data is what happens when you put on the same stage a super charismatic MC with accumulated experience and respect in hip-hop’s underground and a drummer/producer that has been in the scene since the times when we referred to it as “rock en español.” Nicaraguan Deuce Eclipse and Peruvian Juan Manuel Caipo, respectively, formed Bang Data in 2008 and along came the rest of the band and since then they haven’t stopped.

“Bang Data” (the song) was their first track, it was Bang Data’s (the band) introductory card, back then and it was already released in their debut EP Maldito Carnaval. Now they are getting ready for their highly expected official debut album and they decided to go back to their first hit, and re-release it together with this video, shot during San Francisco’s Día de los Muertos parade.

If you already know the band, you definitely know (and probably have) this track, in which case I still suggest you revisit it and rediscover its irresistible rhythm with this new video. If you’re new to them, this is a great opportunity to get acquainted, since the track appropriately represents the band’s eclectic style and influences, with elements of Colombian cumbia, Brazilian batucada, reggae/ska, and of course rap and rock.

[insert-video youtube=YIuXmgesbUg]


Download “Bang Data” (the song) below: