Free Download: Bárbara & Los Rotos Del Rock – Remixes EP

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Produced by Juan Francisco Guzmán and Christian Spencer, this 3-track raver dance Remixed EP of Bárbara & Los Rotos Del Rock‘s stoner punk garage original tracks is out of sight. If the club versions of their vernal roar is not exactly your thing, check out their originals on the self-titled EP. Their music is pretty much a mesh of all the things we love about gritty rock ‘n roll: aggression and attitude dripped in blood, sweat, and drums wrecked to pieces. The remixes range from dubstep, rumba, to Chilean-swing, and are indicative of this band’s wide flexibility and strong conviction. My favorite of the three has to be the final Spencer remix of their original party anthem “¡Banza!” for it’s unique blend of genres. But their ’90s ode to the Chumbawamba-esque rumble on “Masticaré tu corazón,” remixed by Neon makes me feel like a pimply, passionate teenager again. That said, the originals are phenomenal throwbacks to a purely robust and guttural age of alternative rock, and it’s definitely worth the download. Make sure you also check out their video for the single “Tú no saves quién soy.” Let’s just say I’m happy I found these cats because they’ve revived my hope that not everything coming out of Chile has to be polished electro-pop hipster music.