Listen: Matias Aguayo on Battles Track "Ice Cream"

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NOTE: I’m about to geek out on this. The combination of these two specimens might kill me.

Yup, this is a Battles song. And that’s definitely Matías Aguayo. BBC recently gave listeners a sneak peek at “Ice Cream,” the collaboration between the experimental mayhem kings and the Kompakt/Cómeme Chilean, during We All Want Something to Shout For. And here it is, a true-to-form Battles/Matías Aguayo track, off the band’s upcoming release Gloss Drop (out June 7th). Matías was the perfect choice for this song, he even slipped in a rather robotic delivery of “Como un helado derritiéndose,” and continues that off-kilter vocal experimentation that made former Battles frontman Tyondai Braxton so loved. “Ice Cream” is playful and joyful and heavy and everything a Battles song should be: ballsy. Bravo. And isn’t it nice to see cultures coming together?

Embrace diversity by listening to Battles’ “Ice Cream” featuring Matías Aguayo below.