Free Download: Beastie Boys – "B-Boys in the Cut (The Pinker Tones remix)"

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There have been a lot of bootleg remixes and tributes to the Beastie Boys in the past six months, since the death of MCA. This one is a bit different.

For starters, you have Barcelona’s The Pinker Tones laying down the beat and that’s something of a perfect match. No doubt the Beastie Boys were a huge influence for the Spanish duo, and these guys definitely know a thing or two about cutting and pasting and remixing — things that they most probably learnt studying sampledelia masterpieces like the Beastie Boys’ seminal Paul’s Boutique.

Also, this is not a bootleg. It was meant as an official remix, commissioned by the Beasties themselves for a collection of remixes of their latest (last?) album, Hot Sauce Committee Part Two. However after the news of MCA’s death, the remix never got released. So now, The Pinker Tones decided to give it away for free because, well, they were feeling sad about what happened to New York with the storm and all that.

B-Boys in the Cut” is the name of the song and the original was only released as a bonus track in white 7” vinyl together with their latest LP. Now the question remains, how many more of these unreleased official remixes are out there and where can we find them?

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