Bebe. Y Punto.

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Our favorite tormented Latin Grammy award winner is back. Her hair is long, and flowing, she looks beautiful and well rested and ready to attack the airwaves once again.

After 5 years of absence (pains of fame?), Spanish sensation Bebe returns with a new album, Y. (say it out loud: “Y punto”) and from what we’ve heard so far, it is EXCELLENT.  Acoustic guitars, spoken rap, it is the good ol’ fiery Bebe we fell in love with then y mucho mas. More jazz, more melodies, inventive lyrics, a bit of Kusturica, not as mad at the world but more comfortable in her own skin.

Bebe has not been entirely M.I.A. from the scene, she appeared in a few movies in Spain, such as Caotica Ana by Julio Medem and El Pais de las Hadas by Jose Luis Cerda. But why such a long time leaving her fans waiting for Bebe the singer? According to press releases, she wanted to take her time and do it her way, the Bebe way. Works fine for us.

Listen to song “La bicha” off the new album. Reminds us of Calle 13 (with whom she’ll share the stage at Latin Alternative Music Conference in Central Park, New York, on July 11th) and even MiMa.

More Bebe on her official site.