Becky G Scores First No. 1 Album With ‘Esquemas’

Lead Photo: Photo by Greg Swales.
Photo by Greg Swales.
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With no hesitation, we can say that Becky G’s latest album Esquemas is cementing her status in the larger pop scene. Since the era’s debut with “RAM PAM PAM” to the success of the record-breaking track “MAMIII,” Becky has been giving us hit after hit. Now that we have the full piece out, the Mexican-American singer has secured her first No. 1 album – and we’re nothing short of thrilled about it.

“#1 Still can’t believe it 😭 I LOVE YOU SO MUCH!!!! I’m so happy with this 💿,” she posted on Twitter. “And it makes me feel happier that you guys are enjoying it too.”

Esquemas marks Becky G’s first entry at No. 1 on the Latin Pop Albums chart. In numbers, this translates to 11,000 equivalent albums earned in the U.S. The album’s success trails after the milestones she reached with “MAMIII,” which includes her first No. 1 Latin Billboard song

But that’s not the only thing “NO MIENTEN” singer is up to lately. This month alone, she performed her latest single “Bailé Con Mi Ex” on Jimmy Kimmel Live! and performed “MAMIII” at the 2022 Billboard Music Awards. And let’s not forget about her special guest appearances at this year’s Coachella festival last month.

Esquemas is literally telling people the molds you gave us to fit in, they were never meant for us to fit in. The line that we weren’t supposed to cross to the other side is something that means so much to me,” the popstar recently told Remezcla. “So I’m going to cross that line. And I’m going to go there because I want to, not because you said I can’t.” 

Although there’s no tour announced yet, Becky G will be performing at selected events this summer, such as the Governors Ball Music Festival in New York on June 12 and the Viva! L.A. Music Festival in Los Angeles on June 25.