Best Album Covers of 2012

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1. Ves Lo Que Quieres Ver, Bareto
Photo by Versus Photo, Design by ma+go

This is the real deal. No excessively underweight pretty models, no over-the-top photo shoot production, and no pretentious mirrreybook band shots. The collective behind Versus Photo takes an amazing and breath-taking panoramic shot of a normal yet crowded day at the beach in Lima in Peruvian band Bareto‘s album cover Ves Lo Que Quieres Ver, under the art design direction of ma+go. Not only is this a stellar picture and album cover, but the images in the physical album is a cultural experience where one can almost feel like one’s engaging with Peru’s multi-diverse population. All differences are stripped away here and one can enjoy a beautiful day in this South American shore just by staring at this album cover. Heck, it’s even summer over there right now. Not to mention, if you look closely, you’ll also notice the band members within the crowd. Absolute genius. -IR

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