Best Tracks of 2012

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For many, 2012 marked a year of political turbulence, societal upheavals, change of consciousness, and maybe the coming of Quetzalcoatl. We also experienced three Friday the 13ths, a leap year, and a dude skydiving off the planet Earth. Many others still await the apocalypse (we might all be gone in three days, y’all). Point is, even if we had different experiences, we all had to grapple with what was in front of us, what our values are, and what media outlets we chose to engage in. At the end of the day, I can say with confidence that what we all have in common – no matter what language we speak – is the love of music. Over the course of 2012, we’ve engaged with and fallen in love with newly found genres, the works of up-and-coming artists, songs that spoke to our heart, and/or those that made us forget. The Remezcla Música team has come together to put together our 30 Best Songs of 2012. We hope you enjoy this as much as we did creating it and experiencing the music. Happy listening!

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by Elmayonesa
[Argentina / Estonia]

Hands down, this was the song I enjoyed playing the most on my DJ sets during 2012. The lyrics are hilarious, the beat is irresistible, the break-down is explosive… What the hell! There’s nothing I don’t like about this track. Okay, except for the fact that it wasn’t pressed on vinyl. I understand to some of you it must be a little too cryptic, but if it was just up to me, this was the biggest dance-floor hit of 2012. Juan Data

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by Los Macuanos

It’s basically now winter and we’re getting über-shivery and turned on listening to this psycho sexual occult track. It seemed like some time since Tijuana’s wunderkind trio put together a tune that penetrated our minds with a political-esque theme, this one being about Mexico’s ex-president, Felipe Calderón. Los Macuanos are known to make music sound spooky yet meaningful, dissonant yet contagious. “Sangre, Bandera, Cruz” or if you prefer “☠ / ⚑ / ✞,” comes loaded with hauntingly dry vocals that sprout here and there making the track almost sound like gregorian chanting over the mostly instrumental tune. On a lighter note, it’s kind of reminiscent of the Mario Bros. classic videogame song  – you know, the level where Mario’s fighting those cute, squishy, marshmallowy-looking ghosts. Bottom line: Los Macuanos nailed it once again. Isabela Raygoza

by Los Master Plus

I played this song a lot on my DJ sets in 2012 and I love the reactions I get from the crowd. Specially those non-Latinos who aren’t expecting it. I love seeing the faces of surprise on the gringos who instantly turn around and look at the DJ booth when Los Master Plus start dropping their hilarious verses in Spanish. It works every time. Besides, it doesn’t only work on the kitsch level, it actually makes the crowd dance. When I saw them doing it live it was explosive. If I had any doubts about this duo being absolute genius, this track dissipated it and I became their loyal fan. Juan Data

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by The Wookies

The Wookies! Allow me to readjust my glasses, which are now askew thanks to my loud cheering for a Star Wars reference (a cheer made less triumphant by my knowledge that “Wookie” has an extra “e” at the end but that Señor Lucas would probably sue the pants [which Wookiees tend not to wear] off them.). “Disco Beach” is a relentless club track that you cannot not move to. It’s distinguished from an overcrowded field by its sheer singularity of purpose – there is no waiting for the beat to drop, no major bridges, and no matter what layers get placed on top of the rhythm, that rhythm never once speeds up or slows down. Put it on, turn your brain off, and bounce. Matt Barbot

by Banda UÓ

From their notorious techno brega bootlegs and covers, to their free spirits and open minds, Davi Sabbag, Mateus Carriho and CandyMell have established themselves as one of the coolest party bands of this day and age. Besides being a sexy queer collective of two handsome guys and a dazzling trans-lady, the trio has a boisterous spirit that is not afraid to have lots of fun – no exceptions. Why else live life? To borrow from the most ubiquitous 2012 catchphrase: YOLO. I think of these guys Á la Cyndi Lauper without excluding genders and sexes. We expect to hear more of Banda UÓ on this side of the continent, but for now, “Faz UÓ” definitely made this year a lot more pleasant. Isabela Raygoza

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