Best Tracks of 2012

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by Mueran Humanos
[Argentina / Germany]

Ah! Mueran Humanos‘ “Festival de las Luces” has hit our best of list because this entrancing experimental pop track is laced with the darkwave vibe that we know and love from MH, but it’s also an upbeat dance track that would kill at any New Year Eve party. “Festival de las Luces” creates a sexy atmospheric sound that is incredibly tough to deny. Never underestimate the power of Mueran Humanos’ ability to disturb you and make you move your hips at the same time. Jordannah Elizabeth

by Bonde do Rolê

Now, despite whatever ill will you might hold for that appropriating colonizer Diplo with all his devilish good looks and apt ear for hot and hard beats, we’re all pretty happy that Bonde do Rolê has joined Mad Decent’s ranks. They deserve it. Since their debut with Domino Records in 2006, and their ascent up the mountain with Rolling Stones’ predatory instincts helping lift this zany trio to lofty heights, this band has proved they aren’t only the remix masters, but they can mix up a mean fruit salad too. -José Luis Benavides

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by Pontiacs

Pontiacs’ heavy psych-shoegaze rock anthem, “Slow Motion” has made this “Best Of” simply for the fact that this track is powerful, in your face, and addictive to listen to. It is not easy to create a heavy psych album that has both a very strong intro track, and never slows down its momentum. Pontiac’s Bursting is one of the few to pull it off. “Slow Motion” is reminiscent of The Doors’ Morrison Hotel, and is sprinkled with the “don’t give a damn” attitude of Black Rebel Motorcycle Club. This track is an addictive straight up rock & roll song that’s going to stay in rotation on many psych enthusiasts’ playlists for years to come. Jordannah Elizabeth

by Banda de Turistas

This right here is the go-to, cheer-you-up song of 2012. Did your paycheck arrive late? Did your puppy run away? Did your tire go flat on your way to visit a loved one? Or did you loose your unlimited metro card? Pop this one in your audio player and all those worries and anxieties will float away during this 3:30 anthem of indie-pop perfection. Also, the ’80s era The Cure-style riffs and keyboards á la “Love Song” certainly don’t hurt. Afroxander

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by Foglia
[Puerto Rico]

Let it be. Let Madeline Monroe be your platonic love. Why? Because you don’t want romance, you just wanna dance. That’s the main premise of this dance-floor friendly and contagious track. No doubt, Foglia crafted a sexy, care-free, and super fun track with a Miami Vice feel that makes us forget about our worries and have some good ol’ fun with a lovely damsel to admire. Isabela Raygoza

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