Best Tracks of 2012

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by Linda Mirada

For further proof that ’80s music never really died, check out Linda Mirada’s “Secundario,” which actually captures more than just that era. And no, we’re not talking about the ’80s over-the-top, glittery bubblegum sounds that were mostly listened to by girls rocking crazy hair styles in their thigh-high socks. It’s actually really infectious. I wouldn’t be surprised if I looked up the meaning of the word “catchy” in the dictionary and this song started playing. Afroxander

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by Ondatrópica

Everybody loves ironic cumbia covers, and what’s more ironic than “iron man,” or in this case “I Ron Man”? After doing cumbia versions of Michael Jackson, Queen and a who’s who of golden age hip-hop, Quantic went for the classic of all classics of heavy metal in his ambitious collaboration with Colombia’s Frente Cumbiero. It’s not, however, the first time the landmark Black Sabbath riff becomes a tongue-in-cheek cumbia; on their debut album Kumbia Queers had turned it into “Chica del Metal” five years earlier. But this new version, with all the funky percussion and the hilarious chorus, is the definitive, ultimate, all time metal cumbia cover. Juan Data

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by Mexican Institute of Sound

This song is sour and melancholic, but also in-your-face and unapologetic. The video is raw, with a kind of DIY look. 2012 was a year of worldwide social turmoil. Mexico had its share of chaos. The last year of President Calderón’s War on Drugs was also an election year when the country decided to give power back to the party that ruled for 70 years during the 20th century. Tainted presidential elections, widespread protest, and the failure of the War on Drugs: Camilo Lara managed to condense the Mexican rage of 2012 into a song, without departing from his mellow, neo-retro style. I wasn’t impressed when it came out, but it has definitely grown on me. Salvador Olguín

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by Twin Shadow
[USA / DR]

Leaving aside for a moment the incredible video (and its accompanying video for “Patient”), Twin Shadow’s retro-synth provides — in the wake of Drive’s box office success — a welcome return to the earnest-lyrics-over-sick-beats of yesteryear. “Five Seconds” is the epitome of driving ’80s movie anthems, and its release thirty years too late makes it a unique addition to this list that I can’t get out of my head. Matt Barbot

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by Kinky

Another band from Monterrey makes its way into this list, with a little help from their very nude, female, hot and kinky friend. Let’s face it: this girl is the body and soul of Kinky’s video for “Inmóvil” –more like the body, really, but that’s more than enough. The song is pure Kinky: a catchy chorus, a techno beat and spacey lyrics about artificially altered states of consciousness produced by everyday experiences like floating, turning your head, opening a jar or standing still: these are all of the ingredients you need for a nice cocktail of Regio electronica. And to be honest, Kinky does it very well. Salvador Olguín

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