Best Tracks of 2012

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by Babasónicos

Hippies tried to make the world a better place and somehow it backfired and they turned heaven into hell, or at least that’s kind of the premise of this song. Babasónicos‘ new release of 2012 is actually not new, this one and ten more songs had been originally recorded as part of the ground-breaking Jessico (first great album of the century?), back in 2001, but these tracks were never published or even played live until eleven years later when they finally saw the light of day under the title of Carolo in Argentina, or Jessico Carolo (edición delux) for international iTunes shoppers. Juan Data

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by Natalia Lafourcade feat. Devendra Banhart

Natalia Lafourcade teams up with that once-upon-a-time heart throb and indie darling, Devandra Banhart on a light and uplifting duet that reminds us to breathe and love equally. We are human and there’s no escaping, no cure, no way to keep the hope down. Fill your lungs with wishful thinking, your thoughts with warm, gooey intentions and bake yourself some holiday cheer. Love of my loves, if you don’t already have a sweetheart waiting to cuddle with you at home, this one’s just around the corner. We promise. Her recent album Mujer Divina, an homage to Agustín Lara, is, to put it plainly, quite divine. -José Luis Benavides

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by Café Tacvba

Undergoing an eclectic transformation with every release, Café Tacvba never seizes to amaze me. From bolero playing paisanos to electro-rock/punk masterminds, they’re still the ultimate band after a 20+ year career. Since their last album Sino five years ago, they finally came together in 2012 to release El Objeto Antes Llamado Disco. Its first single, “De Este Lado Del Camino,” says it all: the band’s evolution from lyrical confessions to a heartfelt delivery with lyrics and instrumentation. Overall, the track is mildly-melancholic and lyrically introspective, reflecting the maturation of this legendary quartet. It gives us the chills. Isabela Raygoza

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by Monsieur Periné

The first time I met our Remezcla music editor in person was at SXSW this past year. Amid the chaos of a city erupting in musical splendor, there was one small place that gathered the best Latin American acts under one roof. That night, the biggest surprise for us was Monsieur Periné. The small crowd was itching to get up close to the band, to shake down to that cooky Colombian swing, those french trilling sounds mixed with cumbia, bossa nova and so much more. This song is an anthem to creative freedom, a sheer delight. -José Luis Benavides

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by Bomba Estéreo

Bomba Estéreo in “El Alma y el Cuerpo” lures us into vivid Caribbean landscapes where everything feels steady and syrupy over a speedy and sultry beat. It gives us the feeling of eating a frosty vanilla sunday with hot blackberry fudge on a humid but gorgeous day on the coast of the Caribbean, to satisfy our sweet craving while cooling off the burning inside. The now quartet Colombian band outshone themselves once again in this first single off their recent release, and therefore, quenched our thirst for true tropical elegance.Isabela Raygoza

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