Best Music Videos of 2012

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While flipping through this year’s music videos, there were many that entertained us, bored us, made us laugh, made us cry, and all in between. Here, we have a hefty collection of our top favorites, so we present to you Remezcla‘s 15 Best Music Videos of 2012! Happy watching!

Dir. by Sofia Garza-Barba

It’s impossible to not swoon over this one. The Michel Gondry-esque stop-motion video is a charmer and fits perfectly with this alt-pop tune that finds Madame Récamier (real name Gina Recamier) dancing alone in various outfits with a skeleton that eventually comes to life. A voice like hers can do that. I thought about making a comparison to Zooey Deschanel but that would be a disservice to Récamier who is more than simply “indie-rock quirky.” She’s downright magical. -Afroxander

[insert-video youtube=go0f8wlK0oM]

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