Best Music Videos of 2012

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Dir. by Mikael Stornfelt

The cultural embeds of Peru is a lot of things and mystical. From its dignified ’70s cumbia and chicha element, its effervescent colorful expressions of art and traditional garb, its medicinal and holistic cacti that provide otherworldly conceptions of the world, to the ancient ruins and teachings of the Incas, this land is truly enchanted. And in just three minutes, that’s exactly what ñu-cumbia DJ/producer duo Dengue Dengue Dengue astonishingly demonstrates us on our screens: rituals, shamans, sexuality, more cowbell, evolution, and utter-bliss fun. Learn, get aroused, become connected, and reflect. It’s all in there! What more can one ask for in a music video? “Simiolo” the video and song is an ultra win in all known directions and we applaude. -Isabela Raygoza

[insert-video youtube=Zi49IeO01lk]

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