Best Music Videos of 2012

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Dir by Andrés Arizmendy

Marley Muerto’s “Tren” has been deemed our #14 and it’s no surprise. This eerie short film depicts a seemingly general bad day, but as the video moves forward, while moving backwards, it’s easy to realize there is more at play to the story. “Tren” is played entirely on reverse and seems to follow a young women through a 24 hour period. This short, well crafted, and synchronized video is dark, creative and hard to look away from. Spoiler Alert! The woman seems to receive a letter from “MM” that ends up being some kind of hex, reading “TODOS DESEAMOS VIAJAR AL PASADO” (meaning: we all want to travel to the past). Once she reads the letter her entirely bad day takes another direction. This video is entrancing, creative and totally creepy! We love it! -Jordannah Elizabeth

[insert-video youtube=wNdGJv4Udaw]

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