Best Music Videos of 2012

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Dir. by Ezequiel Comeron

This is one of the most beautiful narratives I’ve experienced in the form of a music video. Daniela, the girl the song is named after, is the dream girl of another lady who misses the opportunity to confess her feelings towards her, so it all becomes a sorry missed connection. After years wondering about what ever happened to that lost love (who she actually named Daniela, because after all, it may not be her real name), she unexpectedly reencounters her in a competition for the tenis championship finals, against each other. The video is hilarious, grotesque, and raunchy to the core of Kumbia Queers, and if I may add, it’s also like moral lesson (without trying to be) that says don’t keep shit to yourself before you miss your chance. Forever! -Isabela Raygoza

[insert-video youtube=ee7sU-aMC8A]

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