Video: Bocafloja – "Segundos"

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For the fourth video off his ambitious concept album, Patologías del Invisible Incomodo, Mexican rapper Bocafloja went all the way to Cuba to get some colorful street shots that perfectly match the soulfulness of the track.

Segundos” is not about coming out second place on a race, or an freestyle battle. It isn’t about counting seconds, either. According to the video description, it’s “a tribute to the dignification of the oppressed body, it is a redefinition of celebration as an affirmative act” and a lot more of pretentious mumbo jumbo like that. It doesn’t matter really.

Bocafloja’s heady flow is indeed full of deep message that requires your full attention (and maybe a dictionary in hand) to decipher. The English subtitles are helpful, to an extent. Do not despair, you don’t really need a Ph.D. in applied semiotics to fully enjoy this rap song. The beautiful video and the beat, provided by Jim B, make it a pleasant ride and as long as you pick up some verses here and there you’ll be alright.

Mad props to our friend DJ Ethos for killing it, as usual, on the scratches.

[insert-video youtube=HIA6WDIiU-g]

Download Bocafloja’s Patologías del Invisible Incomodo below: