Boiler Room to Invade Guadalajara For an Uncover Session with Luis Flores, Niño Árbol, and More

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The famous/infamous – depending on who is spinning – party broadcasted to the world from a secret location is back again on Mexican soil, but for the first time, it won’t be hosted in the country’s capital. Rather, it will take place in one of the most important cities in Mexico, and Boiler Room will take advantage of the location and the talent found within it to deliver an Uncover Session.

For this edition, the lineup will consist mostly of Guadalajaran talent, with one exception. There’s Luis Flores, member of the legendary Nopal Beat label and collective and one of the best techno producers in the country. Joining him is Hector, who is best known for playing quality house music and being involved with Vatos Locos. Macario from Michocán will play a blend of synthpop and techno that has defined him as one of the most exciting producers on Static Discos’ roster, while Niño Árbol will bring his weird sensibilities and highly original material to represent the young Ssensorial crew. Rounding out the bill is Juan Moreno, a turntablist inspired by the pioneering sounds of Detroit techno, who uses the genre as a starting point for his eclectic style.

The broadcast will happen on September 16 (a perfect plan for Mexican Independence festivities) at 10 p.m. In the meantime, check out the artwork for the event, created by graphic artist Smithe.