Shower Yourself in Spiritual Techno With Our Boiler Room Comunite Playlist

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As we recently announced, the first edition of a brand new festival called Comunite is taking place on January 13 in the Mayan paradise of Tulum. The people behind Boiler Room Mexico are organizing the fest, envisioning it as a marriage between electronic club nights and socially conscious programming, since part of their profits are going to local organizations bringing potable water to community residents.

So, it was a safe bet to expect transmissions from the festival on the Boiler Room website, and they just announced the first of two. In collaboration with Ballantine’s, they are bringing Encuentro Latino to laptops all around the world. With a Latin-focused lineup, the broadcast will feature sets from artists like Nicola Cruz, Matanza, Siete Catorce, and honorary Latino El Búho. Also included is the broadcast of a very special Mayan ceremony, which will be soundtracked by Sidartha Siliceo, the iconic Mexican sitar player who was Ravi Shankar’s pupil. We don’t get to see that often, so make sure you tune in.

Additionally, Comunite curated an amazing playlist of 11 tracks by some of the artists who are performing, like Moodymann, AAAA, Lawrence, Rhadoo, and more. It’s a perfect way to sample some of the sounds that will invade Tulum this week.