Boiler Room & Heineken Launch Mexican Electronica Docu Series

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Ever since it popped up in the Internet world, Boiler Room has quickly become widely known for making electronic music culture available worldwide through the live stream of sessions, mostly intimate, where we see DJ sets and live acts of both well known and underground artists. Its growth has been so rapid that it’s already common ground between hip kids everywhere, having provided unforgettable moments like that infamous Grimes set in Ibiza two years ago (which has now, sadly, been taken down). And even though it became popular hosting these parties in big cities like Los Angeles, New York, and Berlin, it has now reached new territories, even creeping into Latin American cities.

This year, Boiler Room partnered up with Heineken to dig deeper into the Mexican electronic scene with its new Uncover Sessions. The country is one of the most recent Boiler Room darlings, having already hosted a number of sessions in Mexico City and Tulum, showcasing artists like Los Macuanos, Rebolledo, Ñaka Ñaka, and AAAA. Yes, the Uncover Sessions will include live broadcasting of shows, but they go even further: They want to give us an inside look into the country’s micro-scenes and their protagonists, and tell us their stories via original documentaries. The main goal of this series is to expose all of these artists to the rest of the world and let everybody know what’s being made locally.

The Uncover Sessions will be a great display to the rich and diverse Mexican electronic scene, and we’re curious and excited to see who will appear on each of the series’ six exclusive sessions, but we believe in Boiler Room’s curatorial criteria. Stay tuned for more updates on the Uncover Sessions, and, meanwhile, relive the awesome sessions previously held in Mexico City and Tulum. Thank God these guys keep an archive.

UPDATE: The first session is taking place on April 29th. For a chance to win tickets enter our contest below.