Video Premier: Bondi Blaster's "Alta Farra" ft. Gabriel Navia

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Tangas, bananas, largas, anchas, nalgas, amargadas, ah, aah, ahh. Admit it! After watching/hearing the music video for “Alta Farra,” you’ll probably have your mouth wide opened like you were saying “ahh.” And maybe that’s the subtle intention behind the pervy mind of DJ Juan Data when writing this linguistically-challenging tune — you’d highly suspect if you also keep up with his writing. Or probably just a “complex exercise in verbal acrobatics,” as he puts it. Abran las gambas chamacas (don’t know what that means cause it’s in Argentinean slang, assuming), but this Argentinean-birthed, Bay Area resident comes out as Bondi Blaster rhyming in colloquial Latin American dialects and showcasing some catchy Andean instrumentation of zampoñas and charangos by Gabriel Navia, with ñu cumbia and reggaetón amalgams by Data. In his debut music video, Juan Data compiles snapshots of folkloric imagery, landscapes, pop paraphernalia, and all sorts of eye candy particularities, over text so you can sing along, in a very DIY fashion.

This original track is one of five, ten tracks total, off his freshman EP !Lo’ Juimo! which just came out today available on via Stronghold Sound. So relax, and let Mr. Data give you a lesson on musical anthropology, and simultaneously, urban loose ethics.

[insert-video vimeo=37706010]