Free MP3: Bondi Blaster's "Cumbia Nena (ft. Ephniko & Nes)"

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La Colombiana, la sonidera, y la villera — these are the nicknames of some of Latin America’s muchachas who’re native to cumbia’s birthplaces that probably inspired “Cumbia Nena.” A track from Remezcla‘s contributing writer and ultra cumbia-savvy Juan Data who reincarnates into his latest moniker, Bondi Blaster (recall Salchicha Primavera“?).

Fun fact: though the term Bondi is slang for bus in Argentina (which usually blasts loud music), the only “behind-the-wheel” this Argentine via Oakland writer/DJ rocks hard is behind turntables. He’s not only been recycling, remixing, and blasting some of Cumbia’s old gems by innovating them into contemporary ñu amalgams, but shaping up cumbia and the Latin scene in the Bay. Just be sure to keep checking our SF events for his heavy ñu cumbia/tropical-centric parties.

This featured track stars DF’s Nes of R.A.P. Squad, Colombia’s Ephniko, and Juan himself who, surprisingly, raps! Yep, Data was an MC back in the ’90s in Argentina before transitioning to the turntables upon his arrival to SF in 2001.

He notes that representing Mexico, Colombia, and Argentina is emblematic because of its relevance in cumbia music rooting deep originating from those places. Also, these three countries were essential in the evolution of the current ñu cumbia scene, and are renowned for bridging cumbia with hip hop culture.

Cumbia Nena” (produced by Juan along with Dub Snakkr) is the first release off Bondi Blaster‘s forthcoming debut EP Lo Juimo! and you’re hearing and free downloading it here FIRST, and yes, just to confirm, este Juan es todo un broche de oro (*cheesy wink*). So be sure to get his EP out on March 6th via Stronghold Sound which includes five original tracks plus five remixes. Epa esa sonidera!

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