Free Download: Boogat's "Perfection" ft. Geko Jones & N-Ron

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According to Canadian rapper Boogat, only Latinas can aspire to perfection. What if you’re not lucky enough to be born Latina? Oh, well, in that case you can always learn to speak español. It won’t make you perfect, but close enough. And what’s the best (scientifically proven) way to learn Spanish? By having sex with a native Spanish speaker, duh!

Regardless of the improbable academic accuracy of Boogat’s assertions, you gotta give it to him for having a sense of humor, right? Besides, his growing up in French Canada gives him quite a unique perspective on Latino matters so maybe he’s onto something here.

Perfection” is an exclusive free download we’ve got from Boogat anticipating his next release, out in 2011. Its beat combines mambo samples with a cumbia loop, produced by New York’s Geko Jones and N-Ron and Boogat’s rap is catchy (and funny) enough to turn it into a dance-floor hit. So download and listen to it. Meanwhile, I’m gonna go follow his advice and try to teach some Spanish to my girlfriend.

Download Boogat’s “Perfection” below to brush up on your español.