Video: Boogat – "Moviembre" (feat. G-Flux)

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This is the month of “Moviembre.” The perfect month to grow and cultivate your mustache in longer and twistier realms for the sake of keeping your upper lip muy calientito.

It’s well known that the ‘staches of Vicente Fernández, Don Ramón, and Danny Trejo have returned with a vengeance, well, ever since the hipster invasion a few years ago. As of recent, it’s become quite difficult to distinguish the ‘staches between hipsters and hasidics. With famous handlebar bigotes emerging, Eugene Hütz‘ of Gogol Bordello and Los Master Plus,’ to name a few, Canada-based vocalist Boogat lays down a contagious ditty about this hairy upper lip fad, and those who are obsessed with it.

Yes. “Moviembre” is a hilarious track about the facial aesthetics of the hipster subculture, dropped over the savory electrocumbia beat produced by none other than Mexico via DC’s über-producer G-Flux. Hell, even women with ‘staches are Hot (funny ’cause I just told that to my GF who wore a fake one for Halloween), and this video is a testament of that.

So, enough yappin’ and check out this video, featuring una chica que está muuy bigotona.

[insert-video youtube=TH2knYUbPNQ]

Download Boogat’s “Moviembre” (ft. G-Flux) below: