Borderline Latin: Gogol Bordello, Borders are Scars (Free Download and Ticket Giveaway)

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“Melodies are big. Words are big. The hiatus is over, man.” I just stole those kick ass phrases from Gogol Bordello’s own Eugene Hütz, and there’s another phrase I want to steal from him, only because I want to. But no: I also want to steal this phrase because appropriation is the best form of homage. But wait: I also want to steal this phrase because its message is quite powerful, and because it is an expression of the same spirit that made us start this humble cyber column in the first place: “borders are scars on the face of the planet.”

Pura Vida Conspiracy is Gogol Bordello’s sixth studio album. It was recorded in El Paso, Texas, only a few miles away from Ciudad Juárez, and it premiered at Pitchfork a few days ago. According to Rolling Stone, it’s a “mixture of Latin and Eastern Europe styles” –-sorry Rolling Stone, but we already established that “Balkan” is European for “Latin.” You can also purchase the vinyl at selected locations (find a location near you by clicking here). The official release date for Pura Vida Conspiracy is July 23rd, and it will be accompanied by a documentary shot in Portugal and a world tour (including a performance in Brooklyn).

New Yorkers, we’re giving away two tickets for Gogol Bordello’s performance at Music Hall of Williamsburg on July 23rd. Enter your info below to participate in our ticket giveaway! You can also download “Malandrino” for FREE by clicking on the link below. Enjoy.

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