Exclusive Free Download: Bosques – "Eomaia Nam"

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“The quest for musical freedom is our major influence,” says multi-instrumentalist Marcos of Argentinean rock duo, Bosques, which also consists of cellist and also multi-instrumentalist, Juan Cruz. Bosques is not your traditional Latin alternative rock band. Latin music enthusiasts would agree that most Latin alt bands take a genre of music and inject their personal cultural sound within it, like taking a traditional grunge music formula, and adding a cumbia drumbeat with trumpet melodies per se. Bosques does the opposite. The guys seem to move their music influences to the forefront and truly embody the origins of the sounds they are trying to express.

This duo is a psychedelic experimental band who takes from several different, free form genres. This doesn’t mean that Bosques’ music has no form. On the contrary, the music has wonderful rhythm and is well composed, it just means, that experimental and less constrained music genres like free jazz, ambient and noise rock are more at the surface of their main conceptual sound. Marcos continues, “I guess that if we had to choose a genre, we would call it “experimental space folk psychedelic trance”… or something even longer and more absurd than that… And of course we have many big influences, but one of the things we most appreciate in the artists we like is their will to break free, or to go farther, from all the cultural limitations of their time and place.”

Bosques’ latest album, Eomaia Nam was released in the UK in February 2012, and will have an Argentinean release this week under the label Sadness Discos Group.

We have exclusive access to Eomaia Nam at Remezcla readers and stream and download for free! This is a super exclusive opportunity, because this album may never be released in the USA. We’re crazy excited that Bosques shared their music with us. As for the following, they say, “We are planning to release a new album by the end of this year (we are currently working on it) and of course it would be great to start some kind of a tour out of Argentina. We would love to do that soon. And in the more distant future, who knows?… Playing music, wherever we may be, whatever the world may have become.”

Enjoy Bosques’ latest full-length album, here and watch their latest music video “Los Pájaros” which premiered last week.

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