BREAKING NEWS: Dënver is Taking a Break, Indefinitely

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Say it ain’t so. Dënver, the little Chilean band that could, won’t anymore. At least they won’t indefinitely. The duo has decided to take a hiatus from their out-of-this-world success, much to the dismay of their broken-hearted fans. This news comes three months after their wildly popular second release, Fuera de Campo, and amid heavy touring. Below is the “official” Facebook press release from the band.

Comunicado oficial: Dënver ha decidido tomarse un receso, Mari y Milk seguirán por separados sus caminos. Milk como líder del proyecto seguirá en la “industria” musical pero con nuevos proyectos, así que nuestras últimas fechas en vivo serán Guadalajara y DF, ya veremos que depara el futuro, gracias a todos los que nos acompañaron en esta travesía.


Was it all the adoration and critical success? Is it just too overwhelming to be so loved? This is confusing and sad, but we’ll hopefully hear more from them on their own and then they can have a pyrotechnics-infused reunion tour. For now, we’ll leave you with their latest (and just-released) collaboration with director Bernardo Quesney, “Las Fuerzas.” They really do know how to go out with a bang.

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