Breaking News: Do The Harlem Quebradita!

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At risk of annoying everybody with the meme-dance/song du jour one more time, here’s a brand new remix by Bay Area’s own Roger Más.

The original “Harlem Shake” by Mad Decent‘s Baauer that launched the viral video fever gets a Mexican banda/quebradita treatment in this bootleg remix resulting in the mash-up of two of the most horrible dance trends. But as we learn in basic math, the multiplication of two negatives results in a positive, and that’s what we have here! For a bit at least.

Now don’t get all PC and start complaining that this is not the real “Harlem Shake,” because well, according to the all knowing peeps at Wikipedia the real Harlem Shake dance originated in 1981 and what the Australian kids who started the meme did on their youtube video has nothing to do with it. So Baauer’s “Harlem Shake” is not the real one either. Nothing is “the real one” anymore this days, once something gets uploaded to the interwebs all cultural expressions get replicated and distorted and nobody cares anymore about realness.

Thanks Roger Más for this dope remix, now it’s just a matter of milliseconds till we get people with Mexican sombreros and pointy boots to do the video to this version of song.