Breaking News: Venezuelan artist One Chot gets Shot

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Seriously, who likes to be the bearer of bad news? Definitely not me. So I’ll just get right to the point and be factual. We were shocked to hear this devastating news: Velenzuela’s reggae/dancehall singer/songwriter One Chot of Papashanty Sound System was shot in the head yesterday morning and is currently under intensive care. Though we didn’t get around to do much coverage on this talented artist, we had the pleasure of meeting him at last year’s LAMC, and geez, I mean, no one ever really imagines these kinds of shit things happening. If you want the details of the incident, then visit his official homepage. Other than that, all of us at Remezcla send out much positive energy and hope to him and his family that he’ll soon recuperate to wellness. One Love.

Below’s One Chot’s latest music video “Hey!!! Mi Momento” ft. Blanquito Man:

[insert-video youtube=SvtO1kmYDsQ]