Brooklyn's Nation Beat showcases "Puxa O Boi"

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Straight out of Brooklyn, NY, comes Nation Beat with a rather odd musical combination that mixes the beats of two different nations. Halfway between Southern US Americana and Northeastern Brazilian forró, the group lead by Liliana Araújo caught the attention of country legend Willie Nelson and NY’s indie label Barbès Records (the ones behind the whole Peruvian chicha fever) who’s releasing, today (Sept. 13), the band’s latest opus, Growing Stone.

The combination works a lot better (at least to our Latino ears) when it leans more toward the Brazilian side and Liliana sings in portuguese over funky batucada beats. The further it gets from there, the most it resembles country music. Fortunately, the song offered here as a free download falls in the first category.

To download “Puxa O Boi” simply right click HERE.