Buena Vista Social Club Calls It Quits With “Adios Tour”

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After a 17 year run–eons longer than most groups even dream of–Buena Vista Social Club is calling it quits. The touring rendition of the supergroup, known as la Orquesta Buena Vista Social Club, hits the road this month for one last jaunt worldwide, wrapping up with a stop in Havana before disbanding.

The current touring squad features a number of the key remaining artists from the original cast of the 1997 self-titled album, such as band leader and trombonist Jesus “Aguaje” Ramos, vocalist Omara Portuondo, and laúd musician Barbarito Torres.

The original recording, which has become an accessible household name for son aficionados and Putamayo lovers alike, was created in the ‘90s when producer Ry Cooder visited Cuba from the United States. After assembling a 20-piece cast of musicians, the group laid down a Grammy-winning 14-track album reminiscent of the BVSC space at its height in the ‘40s and ‘50s. Many of the original members, such as Ruben Gonzalez, Ibrahim Ferrer, and Company Segundo, have since passed, but a fluid cast continues to tour.

Check out the tour dates here, and catch ’em while you can.