Video: Bunbury – "Ánimas, que no amanezca"

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Don’t readjust your computer screen. Enrique Bunbury returns with a flipped-out, upside down, honkey tonk melody, sure to send shivers up your spine. This third single from his 2011 production, Licenciado Cantinas, is a stacked with such ominous and dark tones, it’ll make you wish it was Halloween again. The video features the directorial return and collaboration with Alexis Morante, most noted for his proverbial and epic manifestation on the twenty-two minute short length film reel for Licenciado Cantinas. Bunbury’s dark side shines through the lyrics, matching the twisted and obscured perspective of this release, all the more appropriate. This Spaniard’s flair for sensuous cowboy antics and spiraling songwriting makes an interesting diversion from the norm. Don’t be too scared or shocked by the very Laberinto del Fauno meets The Decent finale.

Watch the Enrique Bunbury’s third single, the bone chilling video for “Ánimas que no amanezca” below.

[insert-video youtube=ZAgg9IWTfYQ]

Download Bunbury’s Licenciado Cantinas below: