Bunny Michael Shares Trippy Website Sex Majik, Announces Performance at Trans-Pecos

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We previously reported on the latest Bunny Michael release “Sex Majik” last month. Now you can get a virtual tour of the track by visiting the new site she launched for the single. The Sex Majik website offers an erotic, tripped out, .gif-heavy visual interpretation of her latest work. Check out her site here, but be warned that it’s probably NSFW.

If you’re in the New York area, you can catch her live performance at Code Switch, the latest club night event by Izla and the Azucar! team. Bunny Michael will be performing alongside boogie down artist La Mulata, along with DJs like Joey LaBeija, Tygapaw, Ynfynyt Scroll, and SHYBOI. Get more info about the party this weekend, which takes place at the DIY venue Trans-Pecos, by clicking here.