Follow Buscabulla’s Journey to Their First Performance in Chile With This Mini-Doc

Lead Photo: Photo by S3R / Naza Quirós / Coyote Kid

It’s been nine years since Raquel Berríos moved to New York City and started her music career. Now, as the lead singer of Buscabulla, Raquel and her bandmates will enter the Chilean indie pop scene and perform in Santiago for the first time. They’ll be showcasing their tropical synth pop as headliners at Converse Rubber Tracks’ Live concert, alongside openers Playa Gótica and after-party DJs Nico Castro (of Roman & Castro) and Diegors.

In 2014, Buscabulla dropped their first EP, co-produced by Blood Orange. They took influences from both their native Puerto Rico and New York to create an intersection between beachy R&B and indie pop, showcased in their songs “Caer” and “Sono.” In 2014, they told Fusion the project was about a “re-contextualization of a tropical sensibility through a city like New York.” Since the EP’s release, the band has been working their way up the ranks in Brooklyn and Latin America’s indie scenes, attempting to “break the stereotype of Latin bands,” as they see it.

Now, they have finally reached headliner status. “Being at Rubber Tracks has made us grow so much. I think it’s so important for artists to go through something like this; it’s such a nice experience. It’s like a dream to go through something like this,” said band member Luis Alfredo del Valle. Check out a mini-doc on Buscabulla’s trip to Chile above, and be sure to catch their first performance there on August 4, 2016 at Club Subterráneo.

Free tickets will be available for pick up on August 1, 2, and 3 at Club Subterráneo (Orrego Luco 46) between 12 and 8 p.m. The show will also be livestreamed on Converse Chile’s Facebook page.