Cafe Tacuba at the Congress Theater

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I’m convinced that Café Tacuba has crossed into that area very few bands have seen where their music is no longer just songs but a language that translates into so many memories, over so many years, for so many different people. And, true fans are fluent in Café Tacuba.

Café Tacuba’s show at the Congress celebrating their 20th year anniversary renewed the loyalty and straight up love we have for the band. Last year’s show left some wanting more of that crazy energy that the band is famous for. After their last show in Chicago in November, I had settled for the more mellowed out foursome and vowed to keep playing their live album to preserve the memories of a Café Tacuba live show. But the band shut me up on Friday night and proved once again, why a Cafeta encore leaves any other concert in the dust.

Granted, they do look older and Ruben had to wear a knee brace for the last half of the show, they got it and more than that, and they still love being on stage (and you can tell). Even the famous Alejandro Flores from their folkloric set made an appearance onstage and jammed out to the classics on strings. Now, if they would only go back into the studio and crank out another album.

Enjoy the pics!