Can YOU Wait For Café Tacvba's Upcoming Album?

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If you’ve been surprising your friends recently with that oddball classical-thumping, all instrumental, absolutely avant, 1999 Grammy winning album Revés/Yo Soy, then you’ll certainly be elated by Café Tacvba‘s return to contemporary clashing. It’s been 5 long years since the Mexico City rockers have put out a record, so with carefully placed caution and quelled anticipation, we excitedly give the old-timers another chance to move us towards tempered ecstasy. From the opening pianos on their latest single, “De Este Lado Del Camino” there is hope that these crooning, art-pop lords of yore might complete all our provincial desires and return to gloriously composed operatic movements. And I think, Emmanuel Del Real has returned with a vengeance. I just hope I get to hear more of his melodeon.

Watch out for Café’s ironically art-school-titled orchestration on the figurative and/or possibly limited-edition vinyl, El Objeto Antes Llamado Disco, soon to be released, Oct. 22.

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