Café Tacvba’s Gear Stolen, Roadies Beaten On Puebla Highway

Lead Photo: Photo by James Bernal for Remezcla
Photo by James Bernal for Remezcla
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On Thursday morning, Mexican band Café Tacvba were victims of a highway robbery, which left members of their crew brutally beaten, as the assailants allegedly made off with much of the band’s gear.

According to a press release posted on Café Tacvba’s Twitter, a cargo truck full of the band’s equipment was making its way from Puebla to Cancun, when unidentified assailants temporarily kidnapped and beat 2 members of their crew, then made off with an undisclosed amount of the band’s gear.

The band went on to plead with Pueblan authorities to help them recover their gear, while promising fans that their scheduled May 4th concert in Cancun will indeed go on. We’ll update the story as we learn more.