Exclusive Listen: Calle 13's "Baile de los Pobres," "Vuelta al Mundo" & "La Bala"

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We got another one for you, or three! Hear snippets of three separate tracks from Calle 13’s Entren Los Que Quieran, out November 22nd. You have the Diego Luna-approved “Baile de los Pobres,” which echoes Calle 13’s catalog, with lyrics like “Tú eres clase alta / yo clase baja / tú vistes de seda / y yo de paja.” Then slow things down with an “awe shucks” duet withPG-13 (“La Vuelta al Mundo“) and cap it off with a “Calma Pueblo” style tirade, titled “La Bala.”

Check back in this week for some more Calle 13 sneak peeks. Listen to last week’s, the intro to the album.