Calle 13 Tease New Album

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As if we needed help getting hyped up for Calle 13’s new album. Now we can all follow the countdown, second by second, until the release in October for what promises to be la bomba!

The Boricua alternative rap duo proves, once more, that they’re the most imaginative crew in the stale Latin urban scene with this mind-blowing teaser video titled Detonacion C-13— which was recently uploaded to their Web site–anticipating their fourth opus.

Ever wanted to know how to build a DIY bomb? Residente and Visitante know and in this instructional video they teach you step by step, in three languages, how to make a molotov cocktail with ingredients found in almost anybody’s home, like fried eggs, bacon, condoms, a bridal garter, flowers, and assonant rhymes. Not a word about the songs, the production, or the guests involved in the album itself. Instead it’s just expectation build up in a very creative and effective way.

Cliquea HERE to watch the Calle 13 Detonacion C-13 teaser vid!